Policies and Procedures

Here are Portland Building Company's policies and procedures. If you have additional questions
feel free to give us a call at 231-325-0330 or use our Contact Form.

Small Heading LogoPayment Policy

The payment structure for draws on the project is agreed upon at the signing of the contract. The deposit is made before the project begins and the remaining payments are made at the assigned phases of the project.

Small Heading LogoWarranty Policy

The project is covered for 12 months from the completion date. This includes defects from craftsmanship and materials provided to the project and included qualifying manufacture warranties.

Small Heading LogoProject Agreement Policy

All services required will be documented within the signed project spec sheet, which includes project description and the list of services that will be performed. Additional services or any amendments of the project spec sheet can be agreed upon at anytime throughout the project.

Small Heading LogoConfidentiality

Your personal information is secure and will not be shared without written permission from the client.